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garbage can cleaning serviceEvery home, business, and organization wants to keep its premises clean and tidy. Unfortunately, garbage cans can quickly become messy from dirt and grime. If left unattended for too long, the mess can attract insects or other pests that may cause health issues or damage property.

In the United States, more than 40% of waste is created in households and businesses, people produce more than 200 million tons of trash annually. Failure to dispose of waste properly can lead to health risks, air pollution, and water contamination.

This is where garbage can cleaning services come in! Garbage can cleaning services are designed to keep your cans clean and odor-free by deep-cleaning them on a regular basis.

Why Your Garbage Cans Need Regular Cleaning

Garbage can cleaning services are ideal for residential and commercial properties. Regularly cleaning residential garbage cans helps reduce unpleasant odors, while weekly or monthly cleanup of commercial garbage cans prevents the spread of bacteria or other contaminants that can be harmful to customers and employees.

A professional cleaning service will come to your residential or commercial property and use specialized equipment to clean your trash bins

Prevents Foul Odors:

Garbage cans can be smelly and difficult to keep clean. Without regular cleaning, trash can emit unpleasant odors that can make it difficult to breathe. These services use eco-bin sanitizers that are designed to eliminate the bad odor while leaving a fresh scent behind.

Reduces Risk of Insects:

As food residues accumulate in trash cans, they become breeding grounds for insects like cockroaches and flies. These insects can spread disease or contaminate food items in other parts of your home or business. Garbage can cleaning services use powerful sanitizers to kill any eggs or larvae present in the trash, thus reducing the risk of infestations.

Enhances Property Value:

Having trash cans that are regularly cleaned and sanitized can also help enhance the value of your property. Clean trash cans mean fewer pests, which can be attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Keep Wild Animals Away:

Garbage cans that are not properly maintained can attract wild animals like raccoons, skunks, and mice. These rodents can cause extensive damage to residential and commercial properties. Garbage can cleaning services help keep these pests away by eliminating food sources.

How Garbage Can Cleaning Services Work

Garbage can cleaning services typically employ a trash can cleaning truck. This truck is equipped with powerful cleaning equipment designed to clean trash cans of all shapes and sizes. These trucks also have specialized tools like high-pressure hoses, scrub brushes, and vacuums that are used to remove dirt and debris from the trash can.


Overall, trash can cleaning services are a great way to keep your trash cans free of trash and odors. Not only do trash can cleaning services keep your trash cans sparkling clean, but they also help reduce the risk of diseases and infestations. So make sure you contact a quality trash can cleaning service today to ensure a safe and healthy environment!

Who We Are

Bin Bath is one of the leading trash can cleaning services in the United States. We specialize in trash can cleaning in Cleveland, Ohio, and offer residential and commercial services. Our experienced staff uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean your trash cans on a regular basis. We also provide preventative maintenance services such as oiling hinges and replacing lids to ensure your trash cans remain in good condition for years to come.

What Makes Bin Bath Different?

We are dedicated to providing top-notch services that are tailored to meet the individual needs of residential and commercial customers. We don’t just pick up your trash, we handle the whole process from start to finish. You can have our curbside washing service or rent a dumpster and get rid of all that messy “trash juice” in one easy step! Plus if you need help with anything else around here like sanitation services for example – let us know because togetherness makes everything better (and cleaner)!

For more information about garbage can cleaning services, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.


Q. How do I keep my bin area clean?

A. To keep your bin area clean, make sure to regularly dispose of waste properly and use a garbage can cleaning service.

Q. How often should you clean your garbage bins?

A. It is recommended to clean your garbage bins on a monthly basis at a minimum.

Q. Do trash can cleaning services use eco-friendly products?

A. Yes, most trash can cleaning services use eco-friendly sanitizers and cleaners that are designed to be safe for people and the environment.

Q. Is the smell of garbage harmful?

A. Yes, the smell of garbage can be unpleasant and even harmful. Garbage contains bacteria that can contribute to respiratory problems, skin irritations, and more.


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